Golden Rabbit Films


Teyyam,of Gods, Heroes and Ancestors

Kerala, India. 
HD 1920/1080
Years: 2016-2022

Running time: 159′ in streaming
Available on DVDs: 
Part One: 74′

Part Two: 83′

INUIT LANDS. The Melting Point

USA. Greenland. France.
HD 1920/ 1080p

Running Time: 103 minutes

High Train to Tibet

USA. China. Tibet


HD 1080p

Running Time: 90 minutes

NAGALAND, the Last of the Headhunters

Nagaland, India


SD 720p

Running Time: 75 minutes

Academic DVD

Universities, Colleges & Institutions: Single DVD $ 320 | 2 DVD Set $ 480


Price applies to universities, colleges, hospitals, corporations, museums, government agencies, the armed services, and includes public performance rights for classroom, organizational or library use by the acquiring institution for non-paying audiences only.


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International Note
The version currently available is NTSC, region code 0. Although these DVDs can be played in most players around the world, it may not work in your country. Please check with your equipment manufacturer. Also check your country’s regulations regarding customs, excise tax, or duties as they may affect the cost of a purchased DVD.


Streaming available. Please contact us for streaming options.


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Public Screening

Prices for public exhibition in theatres, museums, and cultural institutions are based on format, venue capacity, and ticket price. We will also be happy to help arrange for the appearance of a participant in the film and/or the director at your screening.


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