Golden Rabbit Films

TEYYAM, of Gods, Heroes and Ancestors

USA. Switzerland. India. 
HD 1920/1080
Years: 2016-2022
Running time: 159′

DVDs: Part One: 74′ Part Two: 85′

Cultic and ritualistic arts have always exerted a great influence on the social life in India, especially Kerala, the home of a myriad range of performing traditions.

Prominent among these is the ritualistic art form of Teyyam or
Theyyam also known as Teyyattam (possession rituals) 


Inuit Lands. The Melting Point.

USA. Greenland. France.
HD 1920/ 1080p

Running Time: 103 minutes

Greenland—the name conjures images of majestic Arctic landscapes and Nordic legends shrouded in mystery.
The Inuit of Thule, —the northernmost people in the world—are proud, heroic hunters whose material and spiritual lives are inextricably bound to nature.

High Train to Tibet

USA.Tibet. China. France


HD 1080p

Running Time: 90 minutes

Opening in July 2006, the final segment of the highest train in the world, from Beijing to Lhasa is a technical feat.

But it is also a threat to the survival of the cultural and religious identity of Tibet.


Nagaland, the Last of the headhunters

USA. India. France


SD 720p

Running Time: 75 minutes

“Nagaland, the Last of the Head Hunters” is an exploration of the Nagaland Region, home of the Naga tribes which are based in North East India and Northern Burma.